Feeding The Breeding Horse

Feeding breeding horses, both mares and stallions, requires some adjusting of feed during the breeding season and these horses can’t just be left on the same concentrate and weight of feed year-round since their nutrient requirements change during the breeding season. 



During breeding their nutrient requirements can be compared to that of a horse in moderate work, increasing by up to 25% from their normal maintenance nutrient requirements. It is important for stallions to be in good condition without being overweight, as both over- and underweight stallions may have their fertility compromised.


Research has proven that a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids and selenium is essential for good sperm motility and structure. Essential amino acids also need to be provided along with an increase in digestible energy as breeding necessitates more energy. Furthermore, Vitamin C and E are also needed to promote healthy sperm quality and quantity. Spurwing Broodmare provides all of the necessary nutrient and energy requirements for your stallion to perform to the best of his genetic ability. 


When stallions are not being bred or collected, they can be fed according to their maintenance requirements depending on their workload. Spurwing Show horse will keep your stallion conditioned for the next breeding season.



They have three different stages of nutrient requirements; maintenance, pregnancy and foal at foot. When a mare isn’t getting the correct nutrients, her fetus/foal won’t be getting the correct nutrients. Imbalanced diets and diets deficient in protein and Vitamin A may lead to the loss of the fetus. During conception and the first trimester mares need adequate levels of certain vitamins, minerals and trace minerals for the development of the foal. Essential amino acids are crucial for placenta and fetal development. Spurwing Show horse will provide your mares needs during this time.


Starting around the 5th month, growth of the fetus begins to increase and from the 3rd trimester rapid growth occurs, with most of the fetal weight developing during this trimester. Energy, calcium and protein requirements of the mare increase and Spurwing Broodmare is recommended to fulfill these requirements. Failing to provide in the mares increased needs can produce a foal with reduced birth weight. Trace minerals are only present in low concentrations in the mare’s milk, it is thus absolutely essential that the growing fetus be supplied with these trace minerals for storage thereof in the liver, so these can be available to the foal for use after birth.  


Vitamin A and E are the most commonly deficient vitamins in broodmares in the 3rd trimester, and while pasture and hay may provide these, the amount is insufficient and the quality thereof deteriorates when hay is stored. With the international standard in quality of the vitamin, mineral and trace minerals included in Spurwing Broodmare, you can be assured your mare is in good hands.


Also challenging is the fetal foal’s pressure on the digestive system, causing a decrease in appetite at a time the mare most needs to consume adequate nutrition. Smaller meals more often will encourage the mare to consume the quantity of feed she needs on a daily basis without leaving her uncomfortable.


Lactation is the most demanding period as mares produce up to 3% of their bodyweight in milk. Their digestible energy requirements increase by 70% and their protein requirements almost triple during this time. If adequate nutrition isn’t provided, mares will attempt to maintain their milk production by depleting body stores for energy, amino acids and minerals, causing severe weight loss. The quantity of Spurwing Broodmare fed should be increased after foaling. Good quality pasture or hay may provide the increase in energy needs but is unlikely to provide the adequate amino acids, vitamins and minerals. A deficiency in calcium and phosphorus can lead to reduced milk production, and other micronutrients such as vitamin A, iron, copper and zinc as well as essential amino acids, all provided in adequate quantities by Spurwing Broodmare, are high in demand. Ad lib good quality hay and fresh water should  be available at all times.


As with stallions, a maintenance mare can be kept in breeding condition with Spurwing Show horse.