Spurwing Energy Supplement

SPURWING ENERGY SUPPLEMENT was created to assist owners in facing the challenges of changing dietary requirements of their horses with their individual needs and their own training activity. In formulating this supplement, Spurwing placed significant emphasis on the selection of the energy components enabling owners to add this supplement to their existing ration without upsetting the nutritional balances of their existing feed.




The extrusion process has been shown to increase the digestibility of maize in the small intestine from around 29% up to 90%, thereby reducing the risk of Laminitis, Colic, Azoturia, Diarrhoea and Ulcers.  The increased digestibility means that less of the extruded maize needs to be fed to meet the energy requirements compared to whole or cracked corn.  As more of the energy in the feed is now actually available to your horse, you can be assured that what your horse actually consumes will not be wasted as heat energy and will be used with maximum efficiency towards outstanding performance.




Full Fat Soya is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.  Extensive scientific research has shown that the addition of specific fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6) to the daily feed ration produces exceptionally good results such as:


Increasingly good physical condition, overall improvement in body condition and a shiny coat.

Greater staying power (due to a “glyco-sparing effect”).

Better feed conversion (more energy out of fewer kilos of feed).

Reduced sweating (loss of electrolytes through sweating can cause fatigue).

Increased milk production and increased fat content of the mares milk. This therefore produces foals showing a greater weight gain during the first week and high feed conversions.


Full Fat Soya is high in fat and fat contributes 2.5 times more energy per unit weight than carbohydrates and protein, thereby providing a richer source of kilojoules with a lowered risk of colic. When fat is fed to a horse it will require less total energy intake to perform the same amount of work.  Fat is an energy dense fuel source which, when substituted for carbohydrates in cereal grains can significantly reduce the volume required to provide the equivalent amount of digestible energy.  Bulk of feed consumed is also then reduced thereby preventing gut fill from hampering performance.  Fats contribute to a higher amount of water as a by-product of metabolism as opposed to carbohydrates and proteins.  This benefits endurance and heavily sweating horses by helping prevent dehydration.




Horses in hard work: racehorses in training, polo and polocrosse ponies for match fitness, endurance horses, eventers, fussy eaters, bad doers, sick horses, pregnant mares, horses with dental problems.