Feeding A Young Growing Horse

Most well grown young horses should have achieved 90% of their mature height, 95% of their mature bone length and 65-70% of their adult body weight by 12-15 months of age, regardless of breed or type. A combination of adequate and balanced nutrition, combined with exercise is the basis for achieving these goals. The aim is to produce a horse that is structurally robust and resilient as an adult horse. 

Two essential amino acids, lysine and methionine, are vital components of the young horse's protein requirements. Lysine and methionine are regarded as "first-limiting" amino acids for growth--meaning an inadequate supply could retard growth and development. Spurwing Supagrowth is specifically tailored with the young horse in mind, and contains the correct amino acids needed for growth and development. The 14% protein content is suitable for optimum growth, muscle and cell development in the young horse. 

An adequate supply of calcium, phosphorus and zinc, copper and manganese is crucial to normal skeletal development, and these minerals must also be provided in the appropriate ratios. A diet with more phosphorus than calcium might result in decreased absorption of calcium, necessary for bone development, and excessive phosphorus intake can cause skeletal malformation. Spurwing Supagrowth contains the full range of essential vitamins and minerals for your young horse’s cartilage and bone growth, in the correct ratios. 

It is important to remember that a youngster’s requirements for these trace elements in the diet is far higher than an adult’s horse, which is why a specifically formulated ration for young horses is so essential. It is also vital to feed in such a way that the youngster receives all the essential vitamins and minerals without becoming too fat, which could lead to developmental problems. Choosing Spurwing Supagrowth will provide all that your youngster needs to meet these stringent requirements.