Our rations have been carefully formulated by our experienced nutritionist, and we adhere to stringent criteria to choose only the very best ingredients for your horse feed. We closely monitor the quality of all ingredients used in our rations. We do not chop and change our recipes according to what ingredients are available. Bag after bag, you have the confidence in knowing that our recipe remains unchanged while the quality is unwavering.

We believe that un-pelleted feed is better for the long-term health of the horse. Our rations are based on a high fibre content, which promotes chewing and increased production of saliva, which results in few colic's and lower incidence of ulcers. There are benefits too for your horses teeth - high fibre rations promote more cross-chewing action which results in better wear of the molars. 

It is not the amount of protein fed that is important but in fact the quality. The ‘building blocks’ of a protein are known as amino acids (Lysine and Methionine being the two most important for horses) and it is the quality and balance of these amino acids that reflect a good or a poor quality protein source. Bran for instance can contain as much as 16% crude protein but because of a poor range of amino acids would not make a suitable concentrated equine diet on its own. Of the 22 amino acids required by the horse, 10 need to be supplied by the diet and these are known as essential amino acids. High quality and easily digestible proteins are required for muscle development and after work muscle repair. 

Since proper gut function is essential to the health and well being of your horse, fibre should be considered as an essential nutrient and the foundation of any equine ration.

Good quality roughage should be made available to your pony on an ad libitum basis. Only good quality hay free from moulds and minimal dust should be used so as to prevent the occurrence of colic and respiratory problems.

At Spurwing, Vitamin A is included to maintain blood count and overall performance, Vitamin D for bone formation and Vitamin E for immune response, improved stamina and performance as well as to aid muscle strength and reduce the incidence of Tying-up. The B group vitamins are essential for general metabolism and the utilization of high-energy rations. Vitamin B is also accredited with good temperament. In all Spurwing rations we have ensured that vitamin levels regarded internationally to be optimum, are included.

For mature horses in intense work it is recommended that a calcium to phosphorous ratio of 1.5 – 2.5 calcium to 1 phosphorous should be fed. It is important to consider this ratio, as an imbalance may be harmful and could result in abnormal bone formation. Iron and copper essential for blood production, selenium for muscle strength and chromium for muscle bulk are all important and therefore included. Spurwing’s high quality vitamin premixes are formulated by top nutritionists in an internationally recognised company thereby guaranteeing that all essential minerals and vitamins are present in the correct amounts.


Fatigue is bought upon by the combination of energy depletion and heat build up. High fat diets offer enormous benefits for temperament, heat loss and performance. Supplying a fat enriched concentrate spares blood glucose levels and maintains the glucose supply for use during high intensity workouts. This means that top speed can be maintained for longer before fatigue sets in.