Paddock Plus 11%

Ideal For: Ponies in good condition, horses in need of extra forage in drought conditions, older horses who might battle to chew hay, horses in rest or recovery. 

A complete balanced ration incorporating red-grass hay as a soluble fibre, high conditioning ingredients and a full range of vitamins and minerals. Paddock Plus has a very low sugar content and is ideal for Laminitic horses and those suffering from Cushings. It can also be used as a forage replacer in times of poor grazing. A lower energy feed with a lower protein content, suitable for fully grown ponies in work. Also useful for bulking up more nutrient dense rations without heating the horse up.

Key Features: Grain-free, non-heating, high fibre, soluble fibre source, low non-structural carbohydrates

Workload: Light/box rest/post-operative recovery

Key Ingredients: Red-grass hay, Lucerne, pelleted bran, full fat soya, optimum vitamin inclusion. 




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